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Our Approach To Digital Marketing

Our approach to digital marketing focuses on helping local businesses connect with local customers. It’s about more than just building a website. It’s also about taking an overall look at your online presence. Before spending money on advertising, it is important that your website and other online assets are effectively representing your business. Once they are, your advertising dollars will be more productive.

We offer a consultation, at no cost, to learn more about your business and talk about what you are currently doing online. It doesn’t matter whether you are just getting started online or have been building your online presence for years. We can work together to make a plan to help you connect with more customers.

If you already know what changes you want to make or what services you are looking for, that’s good too. We would be happy to help you. You may still want the consultation because it may help you refine your plans.

Here are some of the things included in the consultation:

  • Learn about your business
  • Background on consumers searching for goods and services
  • Your business’s position in search results
  • Does your website effectively represent your company
  • Does your social media effectively represent your company
  • Look at the number and accuracy of your directory listings
  • Make a plan to to connect you with more customers

Your website is a vital tool for attracting and engaging with new customers. It’s a way to showcase your products or services, provide visitors with an easy way to learn more about you, your unique brand, and how to connect. Our websites include:

  • Fully optimized, mobile friendly design
  • As many pages as you need
  • Optional ecommerce features available
  • Google Map for directions to your location
  • Load time optimization

Our clean and optimized server, or host, enables lightning fast clicks, speedy updates, and high security. Our hosting includes:

  • Fast Servers for fast website load times
  • Private server limitations. We ensure servers aren’t saturated
  • High level security
  • Firewalls and DDoS prevention
  • Continuous WordPress site/plugins monitoring
  • Daily backups
  • SSL

Your website only matters of consumers can find it. SEO offers a visible and effective search presence leading to a considerable increase in sales, profitability, and cost efficiency. We offer SEO for local, national, and eCommerce. All include:

  • Customized campaign for your business
  • On page optimization
  • 50+ Citations
  • High authority backlinks

Social Media Management

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