The Business App

Your Digital Doorway's Dashboard

The Business App is the dashboard for a variety of services that allow you to manage your digital doorway and make your business easier to find.  

The Business App is free to use. Even though it is free, it offers lots of value. You can add even more with the available services.

Not sure how it can help your business? Schedule a free consultation and we can explore the possibilities.

Watch the Business App walkthrough video to learn more. We invite you to register and see it for yourself.

No Additional Cost

These features are included at no additional cost. They are available as soon as you register for access to the Business App. Some will require you to provide your credentials to allow connections to 3rd-party services or other configuration to suit your business.

If the title is underlined it is a link that will take you to a more detailed description.

Listing Builder

Update your business information and sync your listing to Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter from one place.

Advertising Intelligence

Provides a consolidated look at your advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook.

3rd-Party Connections

Connections to Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, QuickBooks, and more are available.

Customer Communication

Inbox Messaging offers your business an SMS messaging platform so you and your team can communicate with your customers. New integrations such as Facebook & Instagram Messenger, Google Messages, WhatsApp, and more are coming in 2021. This will be a hub for customer communications.

Invite the Team

Business owners can invite their employees the Business App as users allowing better collaboration and management. You can invite as many users as you need.

Automated Reporting

An executive report is created automatically using some of the 3rd-party connections to retrieve the needed data. This will show you how your business is doing in a variety of areas.Reminders are vailable including weekly or monthly emails.

Appointment Booking

Using the Meeting Scheduler allows your clients to request a virtual meeting with you. You can restrict your availability to reserve time for other things. The Meeting Scheduler is integrated with Zoom and Google Meet. It is also integrated with your Google calendar to avoid double booking. Avoid emails and phone calls to schedule a meeting by using the Meeting Scheduler


Access to the Marketplace allows you to browse product information and find solutions to your business problems. Pricing information is included for most products. In many cases you can purchase online. You can always contact us with questions or to make a purchase.

Multiple Location Support

Consolidated reporting is available for businesses with multiple locations. Data from Facebook and Google and our products rolls up from each individual location into a top level view. You will be able to see which locations need attention or are doing exceptionally well.

Free Trials

These products have free trials available. Most of the trials are for one month but there are a few exceptions. After the trial you can upgrade to the pro version with more features or continue with the express version for a monthly or annual fee. Click on the link for more information.

The titles are links that will take you to a more detailed description.

Customer Voice Express

Request reviews from your customers using email or add a review widget on your website to collect reviews. Turn your customer experiences into stars!

Reputation Management Express

Manage your reviews from Facebook and Google in one place. Also included is sentiment analysis to see where people are talking about your business and what they are saying.

Social Marketing Express

Share your social marketing posts to Facebook and Google My Business from one place. Schedule them in advance using the calendar to plan your posts and insure you have a regular stream of posts for your customers.

For an Additional Cost

These products provide great value and can be included for an additional cost. This is a partial list. The Marketplace has a growing list of products.

The titles are links that will take you to a more detailed description.

Advertising Intelligence Pro

Increase the value of Advertising Intelligence by adding Advanced reporting. With the Advertising Intelligence Pro you will also be able to customize reporting dates and select which campaigns you want to analyze.

Listing Distribution

This upgrade to the Listing Builder syncs your business data to the primary data aggregators. The aggregators supply data to a variety of directories and online services.

Listing Sync Pro

Publish your business information almost instantly to a list of high traffic directories and navigation systems.

Customer Voice Pro

Enhance Customer Voice Express by moving up to the Pro version. Send an unlimited number of email each month. Add SMS review requests with an additional purchase of SMS credits.

Reputation Management Pro

Manage your reviews on many more review sites than with the Express version. Create custom templates to save time responding. Monitor more places to learn what is being said about your business.

Social Marketing Pro

Publish your posts to Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Schedule as many posts as you want. The Pro version lets you add a customized list of content feeds to make creating your posts easier.