Linked Messaging

How do I get leads with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the #1 Social Network for business-to-business connections. LinkedIn lead generation using Linked Messaging is the most cost-effective way to reach decision makers without paying for any ads.

Linked Messaging uses your personal LinkedIn account to connect you with well-targeted potential clients through our effective LinkedIn campaigns. After getting to know your company, we use LinkedIn’s database to find leads based on your prospective client profile.

After connecting, we will send introductory and follow-up messages. The messages are created following your own branding and style.

We don’t just send messages for you. We value relationships. Our goal is to turn your connections into clients.

Linked Messaging Features

Here are some of the features included. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

  • Three plans requesting 500, 1000, or 1500 connection per month
  • Spreadsheets shared with you tracking all leads
  • Additional contact information when available
  • Introductory messages
  • 3 – 5 follow-up messages
  • Service renews monthly, no commitment required
  • Requires a LinkedIn business page



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